Handy Hints


A pool's surroundings can significantly impact upon the colour of your water. For example, if tall trees and shrubs encircle your location, they will cast shadows to produce deeper, darker colour tones.

Water Depth

The depth of your pool will directly affect the depth of your colour – deep sections will create darker colour shade, while shallow sections will appear to have a lighter tone.


Pools located under the open sky can take full advantage of light reflections, to create a richer, ‘bluer' tint in pool water. For this reason, even our lightest colour, White Beach, will product a light blue water colour as the water reflects off the sky. This contact with the direct sunlight will also bring your pool to life as Quartzon's reflective aggregate StarFleck adds sparkle to the water.

Waterline Tiles

The colour of your waterline tiles will have a subtle impact on the colour of your pool water – green tiles will create a greenish tinge, while a blue tile band will add a blue shade.

Shade Cover

A shade cover will also have an affect on the final colour of your pool depending on the colour of the cover.

The rising popularity of external concrete renders to housing projects has created new decorating opportunities, as many of our customers have chosen a Quartzon pool surface to complement their house exteriors. Quartzon's colour choices allow you to create a pool that not only compliments your house but also brings your entertainment area to life.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!!!