Rendering Your Pool With Quartzon

Like rendering or plastering a house, rendering your concrete swimming pool should not be considered a DIY project and is rather a skilled process involving a team of experienced applicators/plasterers.

Before rendering your pool with Quartzon, your pool applicator/plasterer will undertake a thorough preparation process to ensure a quality finish is achieved. Quartzon pool renders are available in nine designer shades which not only provide stunning colour, but offer a strong durable and wonderfully smooth interior surface within your pool.  One that's slip resistant but kind on your feet and bathing suits.

Factory produced under strict quality assurance guidelines, Quartzon Pool Interior render is supplied pre-mixed and packaged in 20kg, so the applicator/renderer simply mixes the contents with water.

Once mixed, rendering of the Quartzon over the concrete pool shell can take place, and is usually trowelled on by hand by and experienced applicator/renderer over the entire interior surface of the pool.

Once the render starts to harden, the applicator will go over the surface again and again to achieve an even, smooth finish.
Quartzon is rendered onto the pool shell in a similar manner to pebble, marble sheen and many other cement based pool plasters.  After the rendering is complete, that's where the similarity ends.

Rather than using a high pressure water blaster to remove the top layer of cement and expose the course aggregates (as in pebble plaster), Quartzon render is trowelled to a smooth even finish (as above) and then carefully acid washed, to remove the fine layer of surface cement slurry and expose the brilliant coloured aggregates and smooth, even finish.

As mentioned above, it is important to note that rendering your pool with a Quartzon pool interior render is a specialist skill which should only be undertaken by trained applicators.

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Benefits of Rendering Your Pool with Quartzon

  • Provides a tough, durable surface that will last for many years
  • Provides stunning colour (available in nine designer colours)
  • Offers a consistent evenly coloured finish (unlike some of motley looking pebble and glass finishes on the market today)
  • Offers fade resistant colour due to the particles being ceramically fired with colour (rather than the colour being simply dyed on like many other imitation products)
  • Quartzon is a smooth, yet firm (slip resistant to AS 36661.1 – Slip Resistance for Wet Surfaces) pool render interior which is kind on feet and bathing suits, but is not as slippery as a tiled pool
  • Quartzon is not as expensive as fully tiling a swimming pool
  • For the applicator rendering your pool, they can be assured of a consistent render mix each time – as Quartzon is pre-packaged under strict factory conditions (to ISO 9001) to ensure a quality, consistent product every time.