Pool Restorations with Quartzon

A cost effective alternative to replacing or removing your concrete swimming pool is to repair and then restore the pool shell with Quartzon, quartz based render.

Many people choose a Quartzon pool render for their pool restoration because it not only offers stunning, consistent colour, but provides a tough, fade resistant surface that will give new life and sparkle to any concrete pool – for many years to come.

Almost all pool restorations involve a new pool interior and we at Quartzon can provide details of experienced pool restoration/renovation specialists in a number of areas within Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns (and the wider Nth Queensland region) Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and Adelaide who are skilled in all aspects of the pool restoration process.

Before we do this, it might interest you to understand a little bit more about the actual renovation and pool restoration process.

A Typical Swimming Pool Restoration Process

  1. To begin with, pool builders pump the water out of the swimming pool and dispose of it.
  2. If the pool shell has been painted, the pool builder/pool renovation specialist will remove the interior coating completely, by wet sandblasting / grit blasting and then acid washing. Any loose material and residue will be hosed and washed away.
  3. If the existing pool shell is a marblesheen or pebble pool interior, the pool restoration specialist will remove any ‘drummy' or deteriorated areas completely back to the concrete pool shell.
  4. Any major cracks must also be fixed at this time and the pool restoration specialist will ensure the surface has a good mechanical and/or chemical key for the Quartzon render to bond to, before they begin to plaster or render the pool.
  5. Tile Bands - When restoring pools with a Quartzon interior, many homeowners will decide to leave the tile band in place – as Quartzon can be rendered right up to the existing tile band. If the tile band is being replaced, the old tiles must be completely removed so that the surface is free of dirt and debris before re-tiling.
  6. New coping – If new coping is chosen (and often it is, as this can instantly modernize an old pool) the pool builder/pool restoration specialist will usually arrange this step next.
  7. The next step in the pool restoration process is to then apply or plaster the Quartzon Pool interior render. It is important to note that replastering your swimming pool is a highly specialised construction project within the pool restoration process. It requires very specific skills by a swimming pool contractor trained in such specific types of swimming pool repair.

Quartzon is rendered in a similar manner to pebble, marble sheen and many other cement based pool plasters. After the rendering is complete, that's where the similarity ends.

Rather than using a high pressure water blaster to remove the top layer of cement and expose the course aggregates (as in pebble plaster), Quartzon is trowelled to a smooth even finish. The following day the pool is then carefully acid washed, to remove the fine layer of surface cement slurry and expose the brilliant coloured aggregates and smooth, even finish.

It is important that you choose an experienced Pool Restoration and Renovation Specialist. Simply call or email (john, please add a link to this area of the website – the contact page) - our technical support team and we will be happy to provide a list of experienced pool builders in your area.