Pool Resurfacing with Quartzon

Resurfacing your swimming pool with a Quartzon Pool Interior render is a cost effective way to bring your dull, old concrete pool back to life and add significant value to your property.

Most concrete pools , spas and water features can be resurfaced with Quartzon.  Quartzon is suitable for resurfacing painted concrete pools, marblesheen pools and pebble pool surfaces and in many cases, Quartzon can be applied right up to an existing tile band.

The complexity of the pool resurfacing project will depend largely on the condition of the pool shell and whether or not any new steps or contours are to be added to existing pool.

Advantages of Pool Resurfacing with Quartzon

  1. Can be quickly applied and finished.
  2. Is a more long term, durable and attractive resurfacing solution than pool paint.
  3. Quartzon offers a tough, fade resistant surface that will look great in many years to come.
  4. Quartzon will withstand harsh swimming pool conditions.
  5. Quartzon offers a smooth, yet firm surface which is kind to on feet and bathing suits.
  6. Once resurfaced correctly, your Quartzon pool will be easy to maintain.
  7. Quartzon contains unique reflective aggregate which creates a stunning shimmer to your pool.
  8. Quartzon provides consistent, rich colour.
  9. Quartzon is manufactured under strict quality assurance guidelines and packaged – to ensure you are receiving a consistently high standard product that pool builders need only add water to.

Before pool resurfacing can take place, it is imperative that any cracks and deformities in the pool shell are repaired.  The surface must also then be prepared and cleaned in order to provide the best possible bond between the pool shell and the new Quartzon surface.

It is important to note that resurfacing your pool with a Quartzon pool interior render is a specialist skill which should only be undertaken by trained applicators.

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