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Pool Renvoations
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Update and revitalise your pool in style

The colours and superior performance qualities of Quartzon make it ideal for renovating a tired old concrete pool.

Not only will you get stunning colour, but a safer, more comfortable surface. A renovated Quartzon pool will also add value to your property.

Quartzon can be used to renovate any sound concrete pool and can be applied over most existing standard pebble, marble plaster or suitably prepared painted surfaces. As long as the shell of the pool is made from concrete, your pool can be renovated with a Quartzon pool interior render.

Existing tile bands on older pools are also not a problem – as Quartzon can be applied up to the original tile band when renovating.  Quartzon is compatible with both salt and chlorinated pool systems as well as many other sanitation systems available today.

Unfortunately many people settle for their existing pool because they do not receive adequate information regarding the possibilities of a pool renovation.  Recent advancements in swimming pool technology and pool surfaces make pool renovations worthwhile.

Adding a new Quartzon pool interior will not only bring colour and shimmer to your existing swimming pool, but it will offer smoothness, durability and ease of maintenance for many years to come.

Since the early 1990’s Quartzon has been used to renovate over 15,000 residential, commercial and resort pools throughout Australia. Quartzon has been particularly popular for renovating many resort pools throughout Asia and the Pacific Islands, because of its slip resistant smoothness and durability.

The Pool Renovation Process

Surface Preparation

It is imperative that the concrete pool shell being renovated is prepared correctly, prior to  the application of Quartzon render. Below are some basic guidelines pool builders will follow when preparing the shell.

Pool Paint  – remove interior coating completely, wet sandblast / grit blast and acid wash.  Hose down and remove any loose material & residue. 

If insufficient key for bonding, “sparrow peck” surface with scutcheon or “kanga” hammer and/or apply key coat as described above.  To ensure a good bond we recommend a BondKey coat / slurry coat be applied in all pool renovations. Broom finish to provide good mechanical key.

Marblesheen or pebble – remove any ‘drummy’ or deteriorated areas completely back to the concrete pool shell.  Fill these areas with a strong, cementitious render.  It may be necessary to remove the old interior completely if unsound.  “Sparrow peck” old surface with scutcheon or “kanga” hammer if required

Using a diamond saw, make two cuts, the first directly below the tile band and the second 150mm below the tile band.  Remove a ‘V’ section of the old interior up to the tile band. 

Acid wash then water blast to remove dust/organic debris and thoroughly hose off. All residue of acid and debris must be removed.

Acid wash and/or re-grout tiles if needed prior to Quartzon application.

Apply the BondKey coat / slurry bond coat at 1-2mm thickness as per instructions. Broom finish to provide a good mechanical key.

Applying The Quartzon

Quartzon is rendered in a similar manner to pebble, marble sheen and many other cement based pool plasters.  After the rendering is complete, that’s where the similarity ends.

Rather than using a high pressure water blaster to remove the top layer of cement and expose the course aggregates (as in pebble plaster), Quartzon is trowelled to a smooth even finish. The following day your pool is then carefully acid washed, to remove the fine layer of surface cement slurry and expose the brilliant coloured aggregates and a smooth even finish.

Another advantage of Quartzon is that the product is premixed in bags. All the applicator has to do is add water. This gives you the confidence that you are getting the correct quality product, in the exact colour you have chosen.

It is important that your applicator is experienced in applying Quartzon. Just call or email - our technical support team and we will be happy to provide a list of pool builders and/or applicators who are experienced in applying Quartzon.

Upon installation, Quartzon will provide you with a comprehensive care guide that offers step by step instructions on how to best look after your pool.

It is important to note that no matter what kind of render your pool has, it should always be kept at an optimal level of water balance and cleanliness.

When compared with other pool renders, cleaning and maintaining your Quartzon surface will be quick and simple.

The surface finish is rugged but smooth which means Quartzon stands up to harsh swimming pool elements while still being ‘user friendly’ when cleaning. Even most stains can be relatively easy to remove.  Additionally, we recommend the use of a tile
band to prevent a waterline from forming on your pristine Quartzon surface.

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