What is Quartzon?

Quartzon is a unique pool render with a range of exquisite colours that create stunning, visual effects in pool water.

But Quartzon is more than just beautiful - it is also extremely strong and durable. That's because Quartzon has a high-density mix of multi-sized particles that fit closely together to produce a rock-solid surface.

Quartzon is made from quality ingredients, including super white cement, white quartz, sand, metallic oxides and ceramically coated aggregate. It is these components that make Quartzon a long lasting and durable product that will retain its brilliant colour for many years to come.

Quartzon is also smooth, with an even grip for firm footing without causing abbrasions and bruises to your feet. This smoothness makes Quartzon an extremely hygienic surface that is very easy to clean. An additional benefit of Quartzon is its proven slip resistance. It meets the requirements of Australian Standard 3661.1 'Slip resistance for wet surfaces'.

If it's colour you want, Quartzon has it. With nine exquisite colours, Quartzon offers you a choice of colours to ensure your dream pool becomes a reality. With the addition of StarFleck, Quartzon's visual component has been further enhanced, allowing the surface to sparkle and shimmer in the light.

These qualities have led to over 15,000 Quartzon pools being constructed in Australia - and this number is growing at a remarkable rate.

So whether you're building a new pool or about to renovate an old one, ask your builder to show you a Quartzon pool or check out a Quartzon display near you and compare it to other finishes.

You'll be so surprised at the difference a Quartzon finish makes to a pool, you'll want one for yourself.