Brilliant Pool Colours

Due to ongoing raw material shortages, the production of most of the Quartzon range has stopped at this time with the exception of White Beach.

New Pools with Quartzon

Many pool surfaces use dyed materials which fade after a short time. Quartzon is different. The colour of your Quartzon surface is fade resistant and uses a technologically advanced colourfast process which will remain rich and vibrant year after year.

Pool Renovations with Quartzon

Why let your tired, old pool languish? Give your existing pool a face-lift with Quartzon. Superior performance, lasting durability and fade resistant colour with Starfleck will transform your modest pool into a stunning oasis – one to be enjoyed for years to come.

Resort Pools with Quartzon

Quartzon’s durability and ease of maintenance makes it a popular choice for hotels, resorts, retirement villages, schools, public swimming pools, schools and water parks. Quartzon is cheaper than fully tiling a pool and in the long run, is more cost effective than painting a pool.

Quartzon Range

Create a gorgeous pool sanctuary by choosing from our seven designer colour collection. Each has been designed to transform your pool into the welcoming haven you’ve always dreamt of. In addition to enhancing the shimmer of your pool water and intensifying its blues, the Quartzon colour range is designed to complement surrounding landscaping and features. Whether sparkling in bright sunlight, gently shimmering in the soft glow of evening lights or rippling in the moonlight you’ll find the perfect colour from this versatile selection.

Colour Range
White Beach
Ice Blue
Sky Bay
Royal Blue

Why Choose Quartzon

It’s the clean, intense colours and brilliant shimmer that makes Quartzon dazzle like no other pool surface. The unique reflections created by a Quartzon pool come from our revolutionary Starfleck additive which makes the pool surface so shimmery it even captures moonlight.

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