Quartzon is a unique pool render with a range of exquisite colours that create stunning visual effects in pool water both day and night.

Launched in 1995, Quartzon is more than a luxurious looking pool interior finish– it is extremely smooth, strong and durable.

Quartzon contains a special blend of fade resistant ceramic pigments, special sands, pure white Portland cement and premium ceramically fired coloured aggregates that combine to create stunning looks with a silky smooth finish.  Slip resistantand easy to clean,the smoothness of Quartzon makes it the ideal finish.

Our rigorous testing and relentless commitment to product development ensures that your Quartzon pool interior will stand up to the harshest swimming pool conditions, lasting for years to come.

Quartzon for New Builds and Renovations

Whether you’re looking to build a new pool or to renovate an existing one, your builder or Quartzon applicator can help you choose the extraordinary colour that’s right for you.