Want to know more? Here are the most frequently asked questions about Quartzon. Simply click on the question to read the answer.

How much does Quartzon cost?

While you are considering your investment in a new pool surface, it pays to look at the advantages of Quartzon: smoothness,vibrant colours, durability and easy maintenance.

The following will give you an idea of how Quartzon compares with other pool interiors available on the market.

Imported pebble and pebble with added dyes are usually a similar cost to Quartzon. Paint and marble plaster may be cheaper than Quartzon initially, but will not last as long. This means a pool using either of these products will require expensive refinishing several times when compared with the lifespan of a Quartzon finished pool.

Quartzon offers long-term durability, making it a significantly cheaper option to using vinyl liners, fibreglass or fully tiling a pool.

We urge you to consult with a pool builder experienced in applying Quartzon. They will provide you with a specific quote for your particular pool in the Quartzon colour of your choice.

Can you renovate an existing pool with Quartzon?

Yes! Whether your pool is painted, pebbled, tiled or finished with marblesheen, you can renovate with Quartzon.

The colours and superior performance qualities of Quartzon give you a great way to update the look of your pool and provide a safer, more comfortable surface. Renovating your pool will also add value to your property.

Quartzon can be applied over most existing standard pebble, marble plaster or painted surfaces. As long as the shell of the pool is made from concrete it can be renovated with Quartzon.

Can Quartzon be used in Olympic size pools or commercial pools?

Quartzon’s durability and ease of maintenance is making it a popular choice for council pools, hotel pools, resort pools, school pools, public swimming pools, schools and even water parks.

An additional benefit of Quartzon is its proven slip resistance. It meets the requirements of Australian Standard 3661.1 ‘Slip Resistance for Wet Surfaces’.

Will Quartzon fade?

We guarantee that the product will not fade for seven years. The colours of Quartzon are based on ceramically coated aggregate and metallic oxides. The ceramic coating on the aggregate is extremely durable and designed to retain its brilliant colour for many years to come.

Metallic oxides are super fine pigment particles that colour the cement to provide background colour tones. These metallic oxides can withstand exposure to ultra-violet light, cement (which is caustic), pool acid and chlorine.

If the pool water is not kept in balance, a calcium scale can develop. This presents itself as a whitish, blotchy appearance on the interior of the pool. It can create the illusion that the pool has faded but once the calcium is removed, the colour will be as rich as when it was installed.

Further, to prevent a calcium scale from forming we supply a product called Cal-Stop free of charge when the Quartzon is delivered. This product allows the calcium to stay in suspension in the water rather than plate out on the surface even at higher pH or calcium hardness levels.

How long will Quartzon last?

Being predominantly sand and cement, Quartzon will last many years, particularly if you maintain your water balance in line with our guidelines. Leaves and debris left to sit on the floor of the pool may affect its appearance by staining the surface, so it is important to keep the floor clean.

What sort of finish can I expect with Quartzon?

You can expect your finish to be smooth and vibrant. Quartzon is applied by hand under varying weather and site conditions. Like all cement-based pool surfacing products, it is impossible to get it totally consistent over the entire surface. As the finish is made from natural aggregates, it may contain minor amounts of black, pink and orange particles. Pool colours can also change based on site conditions, surrounding colours, cloud cover and depth of water. The overall effect you will see when looking at your pool will be a rich, clean colour.

Do I need a waterline tile band for a Quartzon pool?

A waterline tile band is not essential however it is strongly recommended. Aesthetically, a waterline tile band provides the final finishing touch to your pool. It gives you the opportunity to match or contrast your chosen Quartzon colour and surrounds for an integrated look.

As Quartzon becomes darker when wet, a tile band avoids the situation of seeing a lighter colour above the water. The added benefit of a tile band is that it prevents a ‘waterline mark’ from appearing on your Quartzon surface.

Who is the best person for the job?

Quartzon is different to other pool surfaces, so choosing the right pool builder or applicator is important.  We can refer you to suitably experienced professionals in your area, please email us your details.

What about maintenance?

Quartzon has similar maintenance requirements to other pool surfaces. When you purchase Quartzon, we provide you with a ‘Quartzon Care Guide’ This contains step-by-step instructions to help you look after your pool. We also recommend water care products to help you.

Are ionisers or salt chlorinators compatible with Quartzon?

Yes – both systems, along with conventional chlorine are routinely used with Quartzon.

What kind of pool cleaner can you use?

Quartzon is suitable for all types of pool cleaners.

Will Quartzon stain like my old marble plaster?

Quartzon is more resistant to staining than marble plaster because the aggregate is harder. This makes it more difficult for organics and metals to penetrate the surface. All surfaces can stain. In general, the lighter the colour, the more visible the stain. With Quartzon, you can remove most stains relatively easily.

What warranty does Quartzon provide?

Quartzon provides a seven-year warranty on the product (see the Care and Warranty Guide). The tradesperson applying the Quartzon warrants their workmanship.

Why hasn't my pool builder offered me the choice of Quartzon?

The first reason could be choice – the less choice a builder offers, the easier it is for them.

The second reason could be cost – some builders are reluctant to offer Quartzon for fear of losing the sale if their price is slightly dearer than that of a competitor.

A third reason could be experience. Some builders and applicators are not trained or experienced in working with Quartzon and therefore prefer not to work with it. This just means you may need to find a different builder who is more experienced. We can put you in touch with excellent builders who can guarantee your pool’s success.

What if my builder won't sell me Quartzon and it's the finish I want?

If you haven’t signed a contract, get the builder to quote you a pool without an interior, or use a pool builder who offers Quartzon. If you have already signed a contract, ask for a reduction in your total price for the value of the interior finish already included.

Email Quartzon for a name of a recommended applicator to provide you with the Quartzon colour of your choice. They will provide you with an application warranty, and of course we will warrant our product exactly the same as if you bought it through a builder.

How can I be sure that I receive the genuine Quartzon?

Quartzon is supplied premixed in 20kg bags. This means that all the pool applicator has to do on site is add clean water. Keep your eye out for Quartzon’s distinctive packaging when it gets delivered to site to ensure you receive the genuine article.

Not sure about technical details?

If you have any queries of a technical nature, please email us and we’ll help to make things easier to understand, so you can act with confidence, whether you are purchasing or maintaining a Quartzon surface.

Still have a question?

If we haven’t answered your question feel free to contact us.Our support team is here to help and we’ll get right back to you.