The Perfect Pool Renovation Finish

Why let your tired, old pool languish? Give your existing pool a face-lift with Quartzon. Superior performance, lasting durability and fade resistant colour with Starfleck will transform your modest pool into a stunning oasis – one to be enjoyed for years to come.

No matter what size or shape, Quartzon can completely revitalize your pool, leaving you with an impressive feature that adds value to your property.

Quartzon can be applied over most existing pebble, marble plaster or suitably prepared painted surfaces. As long as the shell of the pool is made from concrete, your pool can be modernized with Quartzon. And there’s no need to worry about existing tile bands. Quartzon can be applied up to the original tile band.

Quartzon is rendered in a similar manner to pebble, marble sheen and many of the other cement-based pool plasters. The similarity ends once the rendering is complete. Rather than using a high-pressure water blaster to remove the top layer of cement and expose the coarse aggregates (as in pebble plaster), Quartzon is trowelled to a smooth even finish.

The following day your pool is then carefully acid washed, to remove the fine layer of surface cement slurry and expose the brilliant coloured aggregates and a smooth even finish.

Because Quartzon is premixed in bags, all your applicator needs to do is add water. This gives you the confidence that you are getting a premium Quartzon product that will result in the exact colour you have chosen. Consistency of colour is guaranteed!

Application is Everything

It is important that your applicator is experienced in applying Quartzon. Email our support team and we will be happy to provide a list of pool builders and/or applicators who are experienced in applying Quartzon.