Calcium is a naturally occurring mineral that is frequently found in high concentrations. It’s important to control its levels to ensure proper water quality and maintain the beauty of your pool. High pool water calcium hardness levels, especially above 400 PPM, can sometimes reduce the clarity of water and cause scaling issues. Use Cal-Stop to inhibit the formation of calcium scale in salt and freshwater pools and maintain their great look.

  • Suitable for all pool surface types
  • Softens calcium build-up so that it is easy to brush off
  • Minimises calcium build up and scale formation on pool surfaces,
    pipes, filtration systems and heaters
  • Holds calcium in suspension (up to 1.000PPM)

Each 1.9 litre bottle of Cal-Stop will treat between 40,000 – 50,000 litres of pool water and lasts up to six months.




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